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Check out our Perth Plumbers detecting a leak!

Endurance Plumbing Perth are specialists in leak detection and the detection of both gas and water pipe leaks to commercial and residential sites Perth wide. Using our specialist equipment, our Perth Plumbers can locate both Gas and Water leaks promptly and efficiently. If undetected, leaks can be extremely dangerous and can cause a variety of damage to property. Not only can water leaks be costly due to the amount of water being lost but can be costly due to the damage it can cause to your property. Leaks can occur behind walls, under your flooring, and even places that you can’t see. Bad structural damage can be the outcome of leaving a water leak undetected but can be avoided if detected early. Water leaks can’t always be determined where the appearance of water of the leak is found as water moves around and will exit where it gathers or at the easiest point of exit. Therefore a specialist Perth Leak Detector is important to determine the source of the leak. Our Perth Plumbers can use specialised equipment to find the leak quickly and most importantly, minimise the damage to your property. Our Perth Plumbers can also locate and fix gas leaks and carbon monoxide spillage promptly and efficiently. Gas leaks often tend to be found by homeowners due to a gas smell inside the property due to an internal gas leak. External gas leaks can normally be determined due to unwanted high gas bills. Carbon Monoxide spillage often occurs when an appliance in the property hasn’t been serviced on a regular basis and is not able to vent through the flue its dangerous gases, when a blockage is present or when the appliance is faulty. This type of leak doesn’t always protrude a smell and often residents will feel unwell. Both of these situations are extremely dangerous and need to be attended to instantly by a Licenced Perth Gas Fitter. Our Perth Gas Fitters are able to detect the source of leaks promptly using the latest equipment to find even the tiniest gas leaks and carbon monoxide spillage. Our professional Perth Gas Fitters can also offer a repair and maintenance service on your gas pipers and appliance to ensure the safety of your property. Our Perth Leak Detection Plumbers are dedicated to perform quality workmanship and provide solutions that is prompt and efficient in a timely cost effective manner. We appreciate that every customer is unique and their needs are differing, which is why Endurance Plumbing Perth will go above and beyond to understand your specific Perth plumbing needs and tailor a plumbing solution. If you require an Emergency Perth Plumber, call the expert Leak Detectors in Perth for an obligation free quote on 1300 436 387 or email us on

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