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Backflow Prevention Perth
Backflow Prevention Perth


WA Law now states that backflow prevention containment devices are required to be installed on all properties where there is a possibility of contamination of  drinking water supply. Endurance Plumbing & Gas can assist the Perth Metropolitan Area and surrounding suburbs with the a range of services:


  • Conducting an analyse of your property or site;

  • Select the correct type of Back Flow device;

  • Provide yearly Back Flow device testing and servicing;

  • Installation of the applicable Back Flow device attached to the outlet side of the water meter;

  • Providing a Certification of Compliance;

  • Supplying a Backflow Prevention Device Inspection and Maintenance Report for each device on the property / site.


These forms need to be returned to the Perth Water Corporation to ensure compliancy.


Standard charges and after-hours callout rates apply on property and site visits.


Backflow prevention is imperative in commercial plumbing where the safety of employees and the general public can be compromised.  Contaminated water can enter tap water in local company cafes, offices, bathrooms or tap water fountains therefore Backflow Prevention is imperative if you are at risk or in close proximity of these contaminates. Contamination can begin commonly from manufacturing facilities, industrial areas and where agriculture  pest control, chemical or fertilizers are present. Other sources include foot spas, swimming pools and other areas where there is medium to high risk of contaminated water backflow. Endurance Plumbing & Gas can provide qualified plumbers to keep your backflow devices in excellent condition and protect your fellow employee and customers.


Our Perth Plumbers are dedicated to perform quality workmanship and provide solutions that are prompt and efficient in a timely cost effective manner. We appreciate that every customer is unique and their needs are differing, which is why Endurance Plumbing Perth will go above and beyond to understand your specific Perth plumbing needs and tailor a plumbing solution. If you require an Emergency Perth Plumber, call the expert Plumbers in Perth for an obligation free quote on 1300 436 387 or email us on

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