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Marine Plumbers Perth


Endurance Plumbing Perth provide professional marine plumbing services to a collection of Perth marine companies from blocked boat toilets to problems with Vacuflush systems or fresh water pump pressure issues or toilet problems. If you need fast on-site plumbing servicing to Perth Metropolitan and surrounding suburbs, we are just a phone call away. Our Perth Plumbers have an extensive understanding of the imperativeness of fresh, clean water systems and applies the highest of quality technology to ensure consistent regulated flow throughout your entire vessel.


 Endurance Plumbing Perth provide the following Perth Marine Services;


  • Hot Water System Installations;

  • Bathroom Installation and Renovations;

  • Kitchen Fit-Outs;

  • Water Filtration Systems;

  • Servicing of all Vacuum / Masarated Pumps

  • Hot Water Problems;

  • Blocked Drains;

  • Leaking Taps;

  • Leaking Toilets;

  • Gas Leaks;

  • Burst Pipes;

  • Washing Machine or Dishwasher Leaks / Burst Pipes;

  • Dripping Taps;

  • Toilet Plumbing;

  • Drain Camera Location;

  • Kitchen / Bathroom Plumbing.


Boat Blockages


Over a period of time pipework of a marine sewerage system can become lined and a build-up of calcinate can occur. This can therefore cause a subsequent reduction in the cross sectional area of the pipe which in turn leads to reduced current as the inside diameter of pipework is condensed and ultimately causes a blockage in the system.

These blockages are ultimately very difficult to detect and additionally problematic to access and remedy. It regularly involves disruptions to the interior fittings and fixtures which therefore creates downtime in the sewage system itself on the vessel. Cleaning products are unfortunately both troublesome and unsuccessful- the best option is to either endeavour to drain the cable pipework or alternatively remove and substitute waste pipework as cutter heads tend to damage internal integrity.


Vacuum Pump Workings


1. Vacuum is maintained in the system at all times. Before use, the water level in the bowl can be raised by simply lifting the flush lever.


2. When the toilet is flushed by either pushing down on the foot lever, or in the case of the Model 106, by pulling up on the hand lever, the vacuum energy stored in the system is released. The bowl is rapidly empty and the waste is moved through the vacuum tank, the vacuum pump, and ending up in the holding tank, at seven feet (two meters) per second. The change in pressure in the vacuum tank causes the essential pressure switch to trigger the vacuum pump.


3. After the flush pedal is released, the vacuum pump continues to run until the vacuum level is recharged in the system. Recharging the vacuum takes about one minute.


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Marine Plumbers Perth

How the Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Works


The term “macerate” means to soften or break up. Instead of routing waste through a drain in the floor like a conventional toilet, the macerating toilet flush water is moved to a permanently sealed macerator pump located in a small box between the toilet and the wall. The pump can also be hidden behind the wall. The macerator pump uses a fast-rotating cutting blade to break up waste and toilet paper and convert the water and waste into a fine slurry that is discharged under pressure through piping and expelled into the sewer or septic tank.


Here’s a step-by-step description of the process:


1. The water closet is flushed and the effluent is discharged by gravity through the rear spigot of the fixture and into the macerator device, which is housed in a plastic box hung on or inside a wall behind the water closet.


2. Once the effluent rises to a pre-set level, a micro-switch in the pressure chamber of the macerating device is activated.


3. Valves on each of the side inlets of the macerator box close momentarily, while the blades inside rotate at 3,600 revolutions per minute and reduce any solids within the effluent into liquid.


4. Once the effluent is completely reduced, the micro-switch deactivates and the maceration process ends.


5. The completely reduced effluent is pumped away from the macerating unit into a sanitary gravity drain (a soil stack or a septic tank). A non-return valve in the unit prevents back-flow of the reduced effluent into the unit.


6. The toilet refills with water.

Above: Photo Courtesy of Saniflo

Left: Text Courtesy of Saniflo

Our Perth Plumbers are dedicated to perform quality workmanship and provide solutions that are prompt and efficient in a timely cost effective manner. We appreciate that every customer is unique and their needs are differing, which is why Endurance Plumbing Perth will go above and beyond to understand your specific Perth plumbing needs and tailor a plumbing solution. If you require an Emergency Perth Plumber, call the expert Plumbers in Perth for an obligation free quote on 1300 436 387  or email us on

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