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Common Drain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

How often do we try to avoid calling a Perth Plumber when it comes to drain cleaning in your home or office to save a few dollars? Attempting to perform common do-it-yourself drain cleaning techniques can cause more harm than good and end up costing you more in the long run. Below is some of the common attempts that should be avoided when you attempt to clean drains in your home or office:

1. Chemical Drain Domestics- These chemicals simply don’t work. They are a safety hazard and will often cause disarray then solve your blocked drains or flush out your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners aren’t suitable for clearing debris or large blockades.

2. Clothing Hangers- You’re not trying to unlock a car here! Simply do not use a clothing hanger in attempt to unblock a drain. This can cause more issues if you get the hanger stuck in the pipe and cause more damage than what you started with.

3. The Outside Hose- People tend to believe that added water pressure will unclog drains and flush out pipes. This normally will cause a huge drama for you and put your pipes at a high risk of damage. The outside hose should be used to water your garden and plants not fix your drain cleaning issues.

4. Drain Augers- This is a great tool for those who know how to use it and know what they are doing. If you are unsure of how to use a drain auger you can cause more damage to your pipes.

5. DIY- In these situations you are best to call your local Perth plumbing professional as disassembling piping without plumbing experience can cause more issues with your drain then necessary. Trying to find the obstruction yourself can be dangerous and take more time than necessary to solve the problem.

Ensuring your plumbing pipes are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis is imperial to ensuring the longevity of your pipes and should be conducted more than once a year. Why stress yourself out trying to perform tasks that will potentially cause more harm than good. The best solution is to call your local reliable perth plumbing service to perform drain cleaning properly and efficiently without causing any further several damage to your home or office pipes.

Endurance Plumbing & Gas can attend to your blocked drain by using our drain camera location equipment or one of our water jetters. This will enable us to find the root cause of the problem and clean out your pipework proficiently and promptly. Endurance Plumbing & Gas are here to help and guarantee satisfaction and quality workmanship for your blocked drain needs! Contact us today for an obligation free quote on 1300 436 387 or email us on

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