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Water Heater Maintenance

Are you getting the most from your water heater? Standard water heater life expectancy is between eight to twelve years in most households. To ensure you get the best from your water heater, Endurance Plumbing and Gas suggest a few maintenance tips to ensure proficiency and purity of your water heater.

  • Correct Temperature Setting – Ensure your water heater is set to a standard temperature. This will help improve the proficiency of your water heater and save you money on your bills. It will also prevent burning and blistering accidents which can occur when your water heater is on higher temperature settings.

  • Insulation – An insulated water heater will ensure the proficiency of your water heater unit immensely. If your unit isn’t insulated correctly, contact your local Endurance Plumber to have the insulation placed in correctly. This will save you money in the long term.

  • Analyse the Anode Rod – The anode rod is the large metal pipe that preserves the purity and cleanliness of the water heater unit. You will find this at the top of the water heater. The anode rod should be checked annually to determine if it needs to be replaced.

  • Flush the System – This can be conducted every 1-2 years but must be performed by a professional due to it being a complicated procedure. One of our local plumbers can assist to flush your system annually or biannually depending on your water heater unit. We flushing the water heater to clean out any built up debris or sediments that may be reducing the proficiency of the unit.

  • Expiry Date – Most people are unsure of the average life expectancy of their water heater units. It is best to check the expiry date of your unit and if it exceeds 10 years, it’s time to consider replacing your unit. This will aid in energy efficiency, save you money on your bills and at the same time your health and safety.

If you follow these steps you will ensure you water heater is running proficiently and to its best ability. This will also ensure that the water you are consuming is clean. If you need assistance with any water heater maintenance Endurance Plumbing & Gas are here to help and will ensure guarantee satisfaction and quality workmanship for your water heater needs! Contact us today for an obligation free quote on 1300 436 387 or email us on

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